My 5-Step Weekend Morning Skincare Routine

I’m a skincare junkie – everyone knows this! So when I get the excuse to switch things up in my skincare routine, I jump for joy! Yipppeee!

Skincare is ritualistic for me; if I don’t start my day taking care of my skin; I’m thrown off. Nothing feels great for the entire day and I feel rushed and less connected to myself. It’s simple – skincare is self-care. Repeat after me…skincare is self-care.

It’s always surprising to me when I discover that so many people barely wash their faces in the morning (insert gasp of horror), or simply think its like brushing their teeth – start, finish and done. I don’t relate to any of that. For me, skincare is a sacred routine where you have the opportunity to treat yourself to something luxurious and pamper your skin with essential nutrients that will keep you glowing all day long. With our hectic schedules, stress, and so many other things knicking away at our patience, why not treat yourself a little, right?!

Below is my 5-step weekend morning skincare routine which I’m sharing today. While my weekday routine includes less product generally so its easy for me to do in the morning in case I am in a rush, my weekend routine includes much more. More product and more steps – simply because I have more time to myself. Also, since most weekends are about de-stressing, I focus on doing a routine that promotes bright skin, luminosity and a healthy glow. It’s like giving myself an aggressive facial treatment with a touch of weekend rest so my skin has time to recuperate and replenish itself in time for the week ahead.

Step 1: The Dreamy Double Cleanse

There are two cleansers that I generally alternate between right now, but on weekends I use them both together in a double cleanse for greater results.

I start with Biossance’s Squalane Antioxidant Cleansing Oil. Starting with an oil cleanser allows me to grip all that gunk off my face and wash it away with just one cleanse. The weather was hot yesterday and I worked up a sweat while out so I especially love doing this in the summer. The great thing about this oil cleanser is that it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin or leaves me feeling like I just greased my skin in a fry pan. Horrid visual, I know, but its important to note because I find that many oil cleansers leave my skin feeling, well…oily. This cleansing oil is loaded with squalane, which we know helps lock in moisture and the antioxidants present help target stress and signs of aging.

To complete the double cleanse, I follow through with Jordan Samuel Skin’s Matinee Gel Cleanser. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I consider Jordan Samuel skincare among the holy grail of what’s available – it’s just that good! This is a non-foaming cleanser so it gets to work right away with a good massage into the skin. I find that non-foaming cleansers are less drying on my skin and don’t leave it feeling tight. I particularly love this one because the thick balm like consistency melts so nicely and becomes fluffy as you rub it between our fingers becoming a luxurious emulsion that you can then massage into the skin. It feels wonderful. This one includes Coco Betaine, Salicylic Acid and Aloe Leaf Juice – so you know it will give you that gentle exfoliation while promoting moisture retention and clarity.

Step 2: Swipe-worthy Illumination via Acid Pads

As if two cleansers wasn’t enough, and because I am extra – I follow my cleansers with the thisworks Morning Expert Multi-Acid Pads. I absolutely adore an acid pad and this one is chalkful of AHA’s (fruit acids) which gently exfoliate, Azelaic Acid which helps fight blemishes (using this has helped reduce congested areas of hyperpigmentation on my skin), and Vitamin B3 and Licorice Root to help brighten the skin 

As you can tell, these are no simple plain pads, they are just loaded with so much goodness, especially if its a bright complexion that you crave. What’s great about these pads is that they give me the perk that I need in the mornings which rids me of the over-exhausted, tight eyed, I need more sleep look. It immediately picks up my skin giving it a refreshed glow and takes away that tired look. Its like having 10 cups of coffee in the morning.


Step 3: Lovingly Layer with Lotion-y Elixirs 

Once I am done with the cleansing, I go in with YSL’s Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Lotion In Essence and YSL’s Pure Shots Light Up Serum. These both are new to my routine over the past week, and I’ve enjoyed them so far.

The Lotion-Essence is sticky at first, but it melts so nicely into the skin and my skin absorbs it so well. An essence should not be confused with a toner. While toners are often used on cotton pads and swept across the face, an essence is a more concentrated formula that is meant to target lines, wrinkles and issues with skin tone, clarity and unevenness. Because they soak into the skin so well, they operate on a cellular level, so they are not topical like most toners. Upon my first few tries of this essence, I noticed that my skin immediately looked hydrated and glistened with the dew of the gods. The essence includes micro droplets loaded with Vitamin E and B3 as well as Orange Blossom. It felt and smelled great.

The Light Up Serum is really new for me. While its labelled a serum, it shot out like a fluid lotion. While I am used to more thicker serum, this lightweight lotion-esque serum was a pleasant change for me as it felt good on my skin and soaked up right way. This serum is loaded with Vitamin Cg which is a brightening technology unique to YSL and it also includes Marshmallow extract from Morocco to protect the skin from harmful environmental pollutants.

The combo of both of these leaves my skin hydrated, so I have often, dare I say, skipped the moisturizer.

Step 4: De-Puff & De-Stress With Black Tea

This is an essential step for any routine, but for my weekend mornings, I like to keep the hydration around my eyes light and airy and not too heavy. For that I enjoy using Fresh Beauty’s Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream – it’s light, yet creamy and it adds just enough to my under eyes. I’ve been using this eye cream on and off for about two years now.

First, let me say that I am never a believer of sticking to one product for a long period of time. I find that my skin builds a tolerance to products fast, so I like to safely switch things up often without causing shock to my skin. I find that this eye cream is PERFECT when I have a lot of puffiness or start developing some light darkness – usually during very busy weeks. I travel with this eye cream too because its ability to brighten, de-puff and de-shadow is brilliant. There’s a serum version to this as well if you want something a little bit more lightweight.

Step 4: Glowing Moisturizers

Some of you may freak out when I say this, but on weekends I sometimes skip this step. Sometimes being the operative word here.

Especially during summer and if I am staying indoors and not venturing out, I choose to skip the moisturizer, but I always make sure to moisturize when stepping outside of the house with an SPF. When I do moisturize, its because I need the added layer of hydration after a stressful week or if my skin is adjusting to certain elements. When I do engage in this step, I double it with a lightweight moisturizer – I use AlumierMD’s HydraLight Facial Moisturizer coupled with a few drops of Jordan Samuel Skin’s Soothing Facial Oil. Together I get optimal hydration, my skin feels dewy and my glow is on fleek.

AlumierMD’s HydraLight Facial Moisturizer has aloe in it so its very soothing, but I love this especially because I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my skin’s texture and it doesn’t feel heavy hence the name “HydraLight”. Coupled with some antioxidant benefits from cranberry seed oil, CoQ10 and soy bean extract, Jordan Samuel’s Soothing Facial oil also helps create a finishing glow to the skin that will give any Kardashian sister a run for their money.

There you have it. My fave 5 steps to get you glowing like a goddess. Please do share your tips with my and let me know what skincare faves you have in your beauty arsenal. I’m always up for trying new things!


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