Success Planning in August 2020: Colour Coding to Feel, Connect & Reflect

I’ve given you my tips to success planning a few months ago. Click here to read that post.

I applied all those tactics throughout the month of June and July; by the time August began, I felt the need to switch things up. Its just my personality to get bored of the same thing after a while – but that doesn’t mean its valued any less. I still continue to approach my planning in the same way, I just like a change from time to time.

As I was reflecting back on July and prepping for August, I felt my own emotional evolution quite strongly. I noticed that while the act of writing was still cathartic for me, I needed something more visual to help me connect with my words and the pages better. Something for my eye that could signify and create a feeling as I wrote. For me, success planning is an experience. My entire planner is a road map to my journey in 2020 and it includes all the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows. I sit down and flip through the pages often and I am surprised to see what’s still blocked and what still needs more work, where I see growth and where I can clearly some errors and not so great patterns, haven’t prioritized or have achieved what I set out to. Needless to say, its an important ritual.

To amplify my efforts and create more connectivity, I decided to put the colouring pages in my Success Planner to full use. I seem to forget that these pages don’t just feature beautiful illustrations for the month, but they double as blank canvas to build a bright new gateway. I purposely chose to colour these pages with green, red, teal and yellow. In my spiritual journey, these colours have represented elemental energies, emotions connected to the mind, body and soul, and they also signify the suits in tarot too. (Green – The Pentacles Suit, Red – The Wands Suit, Teal – The Cups Suit and Yellow – The Swords Suit).

For my success planning purposes, I associated the colours with how I feel about them, how they make me feel and what they remind me of. These emotions are all connected to my desires, my goals, where I am at currently energetically and where I hope to be both in the near and distant future. The purpose of adding colours was so I can use them to plan out my goals, intentions and plans for the month. This way, when I open my planner and see the colours, I am instantly drawn to the words on the page and I can emotively connect to the larger purpose behind the words.

One of the greatest things I learned so far in my self-care journey has been to feel myself through life.

If I want love, then I need to feel it in my heart.

If I want success, its important for me to experience what being successful feels like.

If I want to be healthier, then what does being healthy feel like?



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