Cleansing Your Energy: Understanding Vibrational Frequencies & Crystals

A few months ago I wrote a piece about how to create an abundant space for yourself when setting intentions. A part of that article was a brief snippet about how to cleanse your energy by burning sage. I received many messages with queries asking for more information on the art of cleansing and what other ways you could explore an energetic cleanse. While the ideas below will sound redundant to some of my followers and fellow spirit junkies, its worth another mention.

I do want to make note that cleansing your energy is a very personal practice and its meanings and purpose will change depending on the individual performing the ritual. Cleansing is an opportunity for you to create a positive and spiritually grounded space for yourself and with that comes very personal memories, emotions and dreams and desires. Cleansing allows you to create a space where you can be truly authentic and can connect with yourself outside of the daily hustle and bustle of life.  Before we talk about some popular ways to cleanse your energy, its important to understand what energy is and how it works in the spirit world.

Understanding Energy as Motion & Fluidity 

Cleansing my energy is a spiritual practice that allows me to ground myself with my purpose and cleanse my aura of any insecurity, negativity and low vibrating energy. I’m an energy sensitive being so I do need to cleanse my space regularly in order to make sure that I’m always operating in an optimal energetic space. But what is energy cleansing and what does it mean?

When speaking to Founder of Atma Things and Integrative & Holistic Mental Health Practitioner Jessie Arora, energetic cleansing was described through the lens of  movement – understanding that just like you, your energy is constantly in motion. “Energy cleansing is important because emotions are energy in motion and can move from person to person. It’s common that the emotions and energy from others can stick to us as we exchange experiences with them” says Arora. “Our own emotions are also fluid – they go from good to bad and happy to sad within seconds throughout the day. It’s good to clean off anything that isn’t necessary, similar to vacuuming your home. You don’t want to live in the dirt, negativity and filth from other’s outside your home and in order to maintain that, you need to keep up with the housework, ie: cleansing your energy.”

In fact Arora’s point is of great value here when referring to your energetic space as your “home” – a place that is sacred, intimate and largely personal. Understanding your energy as a combination of your mind, body and soul is important too. When one is out of balance, everything is thrown off – that’s the impact of low energy; so to cleanse is to practice uplifting your energy by keeping it away from what brings it down and to do that you need to keep your “home” clean.

The Sacred Act of Smudging 

Smudging refers to the ancient practice of clearing your physical space, mind and energy of negativity. It also more popularly, with the rise of new age beliefs and practices refers to the act of burning white sage, using its smoke to cleanse and purify.

According to Sage Goddess, “since ancient times, our ancestors have burned sacred herbs and resins, believing the sacred smoke to raise vibrations, dispel of negativity, and assist with spiritual work. Today, we know this process as smudging, and it remains a critical first step in any sacred ritual.” While burning white sage is commonly referred to as “smudging” and the item that’s often used, many also use Paolo Santo sticks or Cedar wood to also engage in this sacred act of purification.

So what is “energy” and why does it need to be cleansed? Soshinie Singh, Tarot Reader & Reiki Healer and Founder of LifeWithYouAlways has a definition that makes understanding energy clear. In her words “energy is the vibration or frequency a person gives off. It is also what other people, objects, situations, places and even memories give off as well.” Therefore, energy is part of our daily lives, you cannot escape it. If you’re an empath, a highly sensitive person or a highly sensitive empath you will pick up on these “vibes” quite easily. That also means that, without energy protection, you will soak these vibes into your body with little or no effort; making them your own. You would be like a sponge absorbing it all in. It is quite important to incorporate energy management into your life. This does not just mean what energy you give out, but it also means what energy you surround yourself with” continues Singh.

Understanding Crystal Work

Crystals are known to be natural substances that emit energy, but they can also clear it as well where spiritual practices are concerned. While crystals are becoming more and more popular where bohemian aesthetics and Instagram photos are concerned, their use in the spirit world is well-respected. So why do crystals mean so much in the spirit world and how do they work?

“Crystals are made of water. We as humans are also made up of water. Water is a great conductor of energy. When we use crystals, they help us move energy though our body” says Arora. “Crystals also are piezoelectric and so are certain parts of our body. Latent heat creates electric charges through the energy transfer of using the crystals. Certain organs and areas of our bodies are effected by this electric current and that then effects the energy body and the physical body” says Arora.

With Arora’s statement it becomes clear that just like sage (smudging), crystals are also another natural substance that creates an energetic impact that affects or physical bodies. Just think about it, the power of touch is so healing when it comes to other areas of our life; head and back massages, hugs and many other realms of healing work also rely on touch to create a connect with our physical and spiritual auras. The power of crystals also create this personal relationship; allowing you to work with them to best suit your own personal needs.

So which crystal is best for you? That’s a large question, and once again, depending on your needs and desires, can answer can change significantly. Below is a useful crystal chart by Grove and Grotto, which highlights the many crystals available and their individual properties. I keep a collection of these all around my house and depending on my mood and need, I meditate with the one that best suits my purpose. My favourites and most often used crystals are: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst.

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