ANOKHI MEDIA’s CEO Raj Girn On Becoming The Woman She Never Wanted To Be

I started working at ANOKHI MEDIA in May of 2013. I was in the starting phase of my media career at the time, looking to be a part of brands and companies that aligned with who I was. If I couldn’t find a personal connection in the work I was doing, I would suffocate. ANOKHI MEDIA was no such company. There I found a voice, and I was able to use it, flaunt it and share it with whomever I spoke to.

[blockquote_sty ver=”1″ border_size=”4px” color=”#0F0F0F”]But what many don’t know is that ANOKHI MEDIA came from the lack of a voice. Within the global South Asian community, and in the personal life of its Founder and CEO, Raj Girn as she struggled to find her voice drowning in her cultural pressures and expectations of her as an individual and as a woman.[/blockquote_sty]

So it’s no surprise that Raj’s mission to give voice to a global community through ANOKHI MEDIA gave a voice to me as well. A voice to feel and express myself as I was and as I am. Powerful!

So on this interview on #DateWithDaniel, I proudly introduce you to Raj Girn who speaks candidly about how ANOKHI MEDIA came from a very dark time in her life, and why it holds such importance and relevance globally today. Raj also opens up about becoming the woman she never wanted to be and how that has empowered her to live life on her own terms. She even shares a few nuggets of wisdom from her personal struggles that you’ll find eye opening.

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