Priyanka Chopra On Success, Inclusivity, Storytelling & Supporting New Talent

After a three year gap, I get to sit down and chat one-on-one with actress & producer Priyanka Chopra during her most recent visit to Toronto for the trailer launch of her upcoming production Sarvann at the International Film Festival of South Asia!

Since the last time we caught up, Priyanka’s world has changed drastically. She’s still a global superstar, but now she’s aggressively establishing a name and brand for herself in North America with ABC’s wildly successful prime time TV drama Quantico and her soon to be released Hollywood film Baywatch (Psst…the trailer dropped today).

Despite spending the majority of her time away from India, her home, Priyanka is continuing her journey to create change and a positive impact with her newly launched production company Purple Pebble Pictures. As a producer, she aims to tell regional stories that give voice to cinema that tends to be overlooked with all the mainstream Bollywood chaos while also giving new talent a platform to shine and grow.

Watch this interview to discover her goals as a producer, her formula for success and why inclusivity in her eyes is the way of the world, or should be at least!

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