How To Clear Your Energy & Create An Abundant Space For Setting Your Intentions

After opening up and sharing my daily ins and outs with spirituality and living with awareness on Instagram – there’s been an increased interest in how I create a healthy space for myself when doing this kind of work.

I’m not an expert, but I think my perspective can be valuable for those looking to find accessible ways to creating a safe space that can help them set their intentions for life, success and love – in fact, all of life’s beautiful offerings.

It’s easy to see new age philosophies and ways of being as trendy. They look good, sound great and create excitement when you tell your friends about it – but if you’re taking that approach, you’re missing the entire message. New age and spirituality is about looking inward and reflecting on your space, your energy, your actions and your beliefs. Once you make peace there and find confidence, than your belief in divine spirits and energies can really take flight. As they say, the universe is yours for the taking and it can guide you and grant you anything you desire – but for that, you need to create some space for manifestation.

The word “manifestation” itself is loaded and can mean different things to different people. I think taking the term in its most simplest form is the best way to start – especially if you are new on the spiritual journey.

Manifestation, in the context of this post, is an action which embodies the full spirit and beauty of the goals and intentions you want to set. If you’re honest with yourself, consistent with your practices and promises to yourself and absolutely clear about what you want – you can manifest anything.

Below are 4 simple things I do daily to help create a safe place of peace, comfort and serenity so I can get candid with myself and what I envision my life to be.

1. Clear Your Space

Cleansing your home and energetic space is so important when it comes to spiritual work. The act of cleansing simply rids your space of any negative energies, emotions and thought processes that can be clouding the goodness from flowing in. The process of cleansing enhances your aura and gives you an opportunity and space to take flight. If you do this daily, you will see and feel the difference – trust me!

I smudge (burn white sage) every morning after my walk. A few times a week I burn a Paolo Santo stick as its sweet smell is very pleasant around my home.

Note: If you find the smell of sage overpowering, you can buy a smudging spray which eliminates the whole burning process and you get much more of the sweet scent instead. I haven’t been lucky enough to find many brands or types of smudge spray but the Flourite Infused Smudge Spray by Atma Things has one and its lovely. I travel with this and its so good!

Another great option is the Mini Cleansing Kit by Buddha Beads. This is a great starter pack for anyone who is new to the world of cleansing their space. I get my sage sticks from Buddha Beads too.

2. Light A Candle

Setting the mood is important. I think most of us know how lighting a candle can transform an entire space – but I’ve been using candles by Atma Things that are infused with the spiritual benefits and properties of crystals.

Atma Things is owned and operated by my dear friend Jessie Arora and the products that she creates are also powered by the magic of the moon and the beauty of lunar cycles. Her work is incredible and her candles are stunning.

Each of her candles have different intentions and meanings – choose the right one for you while you’re doing your work and it will elevate your entire experience.

My favourite is the No Ordinary Love candle (pictured to the left). It’s DIVINE, and you know, I love pink!

3. Read a passage or devotion from an inspiring author or book

This one daily action has changed my life of late. I find that waking up in the morning, lighting a candle and reading a self-affirming passage from a book I love is the best way to start the day. It helps me set the mood for the day, afternoon and evening in front of me and make each hour, minute and second matter. Don’t get me wrong, I have my lazy moments throughout the day too, but reading something first thing in the morning has the power to shape your perspective and experience for the day.

Just as we consider breakfast the most important meal of the day – it fuels and preps our minds and bodies to handle what comes. Reading your favourite passage or affirmation has the same affect.

For over a year, I read one page from Until Today by Iyanla Vanzant. Its a daily devotional book with universal themes for each month of the year, and daily devotions pertaining to each of those months. This is my second time reading a page a day from this book and it never gets old. It’s amazing to see how a page I read on May 18 in 2019 holds just as much power in an entirely different context when read on May 18, 2020. It just goes to show you that devotions, just as life’s lessons are timeless.

4. Write down your goals, and action them! 

Once you’ve cleansed your space, lit your candle and read your daily devotion – it’s time to journal. This is the most rewarding part of my day. This is the time I give myself (even 10 minutes if you’re busy) to simply write all the feelings I want to feel, and the visions I see for myself in the present and future. This space often involves reflections from the past too, but I always look back with love and compassion and make note of the lessons I have learned or need to learn in order to manifest the things I truly desire right now.

I make note of my big dreams, tiny dreams, big goals, small goals – anything and everything I want to achieve! But what’s most important is that I jot down how I want to feel having these things or exploring these big ideas. Once I identify the feelings and emotions of my goals and intentions, I then write down practical things that I can do throughout the days, weeks and months ahead of me that help my embody that feeling. It’s tough at first, but becomes easy peasy in no time!

I know I sound vague with this fourth point, but it’s important that I do this. I just want to call attention to the action of writing following the steps above so that you enter a space where you can truly be honest with yourself and write, express and feel as you need to. This last step is meant to be molded and shaped by the person experiencing it without much interference. This will allow you to make this fourth step unique to you and your own individual journey and that’s the most important thing.

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