How-To Establish A New Sense of Home with June & July’s New Moon In Cancer

Today’s New Moon in Cancer is special as it brings us all back to a new sense of “home”, or encourages us to take care of our dealings at home in a very compassionate and empathetic way. Not a surprise, since Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are all about emotions.

So what is a New Moon, you ask? Any New Moon is the start of a new lunar cycle. A new cycle always means new beginnings and a new opportunity to start afresh in many areas of life. As many of you know by now, I am really focusing on flowing better with our moon cycles – so a New Moon is a great opportunity for me to revisit my intentions and goals and see what’s good to keep and what should be removed or revised. I should note, this New Moon in Cancer is very important because its paired with a Solar Eclipse, aka Ring of Fire (click here for more) and the New Moon right after, that follows in a month is also in Cancer. I’m told its a rarity to see back to back New Moons like this in one specific sign. So this could be a time that brings up some heavy emotions when dealing with “home”.

I see this New Moon as the perfect opportunity to work on my dealings at home, which means decluttering, getting rid of the old and making room for the new and also working on the relationships I share with family. I’m also using this time to really look at my perspective of “home”, what it means to me, why its important, how it has changed, and what I need to change with my contributions both good and bad.

So, how am I working with the lunar cycles when I am not an Astrologer or some sort of moon expert? I’m reading “Moonology” by Yasmin Boland and its made working with the moon and lunar cycles less intimidating. I’m recapping parts of her New Moon chapter below to help you manifest your desires during this time too. My actions and suggestions in brackets below.

This New Moon is in Cancer & it encourages us to focus on the following:

🌔Focus on Family Time – Spend more time with family, and focus on being qualitative instead of quantitative.

  • For me, this is an opportunity to really look into some deep rooted family issues that need to be resolved at this time and my role in those matters, both good and bad.
  • I am also taking this New Moon as an opportunity to reset my intentions with these relationships and ultimately resetting my perspective – extending love and compassion to all.
  • I also want to reconnect and maintain strong bonds with those that feel like family too. Coupled with that is the longing and deep desire to come home to myself and how I feel in my skin and in my body.

🌔Banish Insecurity – Look at your insecurities and work through them.

  • I am personally working through self-image issues that I’ve harbored for years which have led to fears, barriers and insecurities about my body and its acceptance in the larger picture.
  • Really, its about how I feel and what I think, so I am focusing on that.
  • Having struggled with my weight for years and being told I don’t look good in the past hasn’t helped, but I feel better than ever and I am using this New Moon to continue that.

🌔Nurture – This word to me right now screams “self-care” and that’s exactly what I feel we should all focus on.

  • I am doing my best to get enough sleep a night, being mindful of what I consume when it comes to food, and also the energy I consume too. I’m really stepping away from people and situations that don’t serve my highest good.
  • I am taking more time to be in nature on a daily basis and enjoying the rejuvenating feelings I get when being out in the glory of the sun, and breathing in some fresh air by a river or lake. Nature is all about healing and ultimately helps maintain my positivity.
  • Focusing on the little things. Face masks, skincare, cups of coffee in the morning, writing in my planner and daily blogging are all things I am promising to practice during this time.

🌔Review Your Goals – Look at the goals you have set for yourself. Do they need a refresh? Are you still on the right path?

  • I spoke of this before and I think this goes for any New Moon and new beginning. In fact, I believe this should be a bi-weekly practice at most.
  • We are spiritual beings and change daily. New feelings, new people, new opportunities and new experiences all shape our mind and spirit.
  • I am a firm believer that we need to keep a close eye on our goals and the intentions we set for ourselves. Those too need to be re-calibrated from time to time and a regular check-in also serves as a healthy reminder of the paths we’re on and the things we want in our life.

Here are some additional do’s and don’ts from Yasmin for setting your intentions during a New Moon cycle. 


🌔Wish for anything you desire
🌔Understand that you need to take baby steps (It will be a steady process)
🌖Always wish for a feeling (If you want love, feel it, if you want success, imagine what that feels like)
🌔Believe you are worthy of these goals and desires (You’d be surprised how many of us are trained to believe that what we want is too big to attain, FORGET THAT!)

🌔Don’t wish for a person (I think this explains itself, lol)
🌔Don’t wish for someone to change (Girl, we ain’t got time to control people)
🌔Don’t “attach” yourself to what you desire (Just lovingly connect with the feelings inside you.

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