Harnessing The Power Of A Full Moon…May 7th Full Moon In Scorpio (Flower Moon)

This recent Full Moon in Scorpio happened the morning of May 7th at 6:45am EST . This Full Moon is about forgiveness and gratitude and its a pretty powerful time to set your intentions and work towards opening up your heart space. I’m still discovering the power of the moon and working with lunar cycles, so I’ve turned to the book Moonology by Yasmine Boland as a tool to help me harness its full power.

So, what does a Full Moon symbolize?

As per Moonology, a Full Moon marks the end of a lunar cycle and represents a time of completion. This time is one where we can analyze our amazing growth, the height of our own personal power and where we can set our intentions with intense clarity.

I used to hear these statements all the time, but in no way could I begin to fathom how to even start working with the power of a Full Moon. But overtime, and with the help of close friends, and some unfortunate life circumstances, I began to just feel my emotions and understand that you can really do whatever it is you set your mind to. And – if you do that with cosmic energies by your side, you’re set for nothing but success.

What’s great about Moonology is that it offers practical steps to help you manifest your desires using your inner power and intuition using your personal experience. With that said, Yasmine has worked it down to a few steps to get you started and put you (and me) on the path to forgiveness and gratitude.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is a time to release the following:

?Negative Emotions







Now, releasing all of the above sounds daunting and its all not going to happen in one go. The idea is that you use this time to reflect and ponder on the things, people and situations connected to the above and that is the first step toward working through release. Often, and I know this from experience, the idea of any emotional and energetic purge can seem almost impossible, but it all starts with awareness. Once you become awareness of yourself, how you feel and those people, places and things connected to you – the idea of release becomes easy.

Yasmine suggests engaging in a Forgiveness ceremony which offers you a simple and practical away to engage in “letting go”. Focusing on forgiveness is crucial to manifesting and creates a pathway for expressing gratitude for all our experiences. Here area few steps:

?Take deep breaths and center yourself

?Think of habits, patterns and thoughts that you want to release. Write it down.

?Think of anyone who has upset you

?Put your notes away for a few hours or at least a day. Revisit your notes and pay attention to how you feel.

This is where you can begin to transcend into feelings of gratitude for all of these experiences and transmute them into thoughts, and energies that can help you feel lighter and happier.

Perform a mini gratitude ceremony: 

?Clear your space by burning some white sage and wafting the air throughout your space. You can also close your eyes in a quiet room and take deep breaths to help center yourself.

?Once you feel calm and at peace grab a notebook and pen

?Make a list of places, situations and emotions you’re grateful for, and what they’ve taught you.

?Make a list of the people you are grateful for and why.

?After writing your list, burn it. Yes, BURN it! Let the flames set the beauty of your gratitude to the universe.

?Close your eyes and chant your favourite quote about gratitude and loving life.

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