New Moon in Leo 2020: Embracing Yourself & Shining Bright

Its that time of the month again; time for a New Moon and a fresh new start to our manifestations with a new lunar cycle.

I am so excited for this one as this New Moon is in Leo on August 18th and I can already feel the positive nature of it already. The entire Leo season has been so uplifting so far. Its allowed us to completely step into our power, find our inner strength and tap into our pool of confidence. Its allow us to step into the light and not be afraid to shine. That’s the power of this season; and to have the Sun and Moon both in Leo – we’re surely in for a playful and trans-formative phase.

A New Moon is always and opportunity for us to work with a fresh new lunar cycle. This is the time for us to revisit our goals, set new intentions and promise to do better when it comes to our patterns and behaviors. Each month, the New Moon offers us an opportunity to take focused action with intention.

So what should we focus on during this time? The New Moon is Leo is a time for us to really step into ourselves and embrace our authenticity and inner strength. As I’ve mentioned before, I always refer to Yasmin Boland’s Moonology text to ensure that I’m channeling the power of these lunar cycles in the best way. Below are the areas Yasmin encourages us to follow, each with a channeled message from me.

Show off

While its easy to assume that “show off” seems egotistical and boastful – it really is a time for you just to be confident. Let your inner light shine, don’t be afraid to accept your self-power and display it in healthy ways. Part of Leo season is stepping into our heart space and feeling full of love for ourselves and others – don’t be afraid to express this. Celebrate your life and do what you need to do to celebrate it. Have a party, plan a trip, go out with friends. The options are endless.


This is the time to be playful, but responsibly. Leo energy is all about being fun and flirty, and you should definitely be out and about during this time if you’re single. Set up a few phone or in person dates, don’t be afraid to be bold about what you want in a romance – this is your time. Feel sexy and be sexy. If you’re single or not, this is a time to really enjoy yourself. Be at one in your mind, body and spirit and don’t feel afraid to seduce those around you with your genuine love for yourself and life. Be that irresistible magnet in the room – you know you want to.

Be creative

Finding a creative outlets will definitely be of great importance during this New Moon. When Yasmin mentions creativity, she isn’t referring to only “creative people” or those who are professional artists – she’s encouraging everyone to explore their creative streak. For me, my creativity is the content I create for this website and my Instagram feed and the way I connect with people through both of these platforms. For other, creativity can mean different things and that’s okay. This New Moon is encouraging you to tap into that creativity and explore yourself within those creative bounds. If you feel you’re note creative, then join a painting class or dance lesson – do something that allows you to get artistic in someway as it will help lighten your spirits. With a light spirit, so much more positivity can flow through.

Sacred Self-care

This one is my fave. If you follow me, you know how important self-care has been for me, especially in this quarantine phase of life we’re living in. Through self-care, I’ve been able to prioritize my mental, physical and spiritual well-being and its allowed me to love and live so much more powerfully. Self-care can take many different forms – for some its cooking, for others its a passion project and for many its beauty rituals and salt baths; whatever self-care is for you, do it and experience it during this season and enjoy it unapologetically.

Here’s a Oracle Card pull for the New Moon in Leo

So I’ve decided to do a reading just for this New Moon phase and I am so shocked at the cards I pulled. When I took out the deck, at the bottom was the New Moon in Leo card, which is the exact same New Moon we are experiencing in this cycle. Great, I took it as a sign. I shuffled the deck and out flew the New Moon in Leo card again. Surely, I may not have shuffled properly. I shuffled again and out flew these two cards. Clearly this is a sign for us in this beautiful new lunar cycle. I am so excited.⠀

New Moon in Leo 2020New Moon in Leo⠀
As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this New Moon is all about letting your guard down and dipping into your inner confidence. Its about being fun and flirty and enjoying the feeling of the sun on your face. Start a new beauty ritual or self-care routine that will get you feeling and looking great, and then walk out of the house like a superstar. This is your time to shine and feel 100% in your element, and that too, unapologetically. This is also a sign that you should explore any and all creative ideas you have – nothing can go wrong if you apply your passion and confidence to anything you do. Click the link in my bio to read my post on what other things you can do to take advantage of this amazing energy⠀

Be Bold⠀
Just like the Lion is the sign of Leo, he is the King of the Jungle – always on the prowl, ready to make all the first moves. This is a clear sign that we shouldn’t be afraid to go after what we want. This isn’t just about romantic situations and partnerships – go eat that burger you’ve been craving this entire week, go on that trip you were thinking of (while being COVID responsible) and make that phone call to that friend or lover you haven’t heard from. You have nothing to be afraid of. Just be who you are, speaking from your truth and embodying everything it means to be you. You’ll be fine, in fact, you’ll be GREAT.

…and swipe right to see the card at the bottom of this deck at the time of my reading. Leo again. This card is also a gentle reminder that there is a fine balance between being confident and egotistical. Strike that balance, have fun but don’t get carried away.

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