Reflection: Focusing On How You Want To Feel To Manifest Brighter

This time in quarantine (due to COVID-19) has had devastating effects on the world, but it would be a lie if I didn’t express how grateful I am for the complete halt to my chaotic schedule. I think this whole thing has been a wake-up call for all of us – how we live, eat, breathe, speak and act. Our entire beings have come into question -well, for those of who have some level of self-awareness. It would be completely remiss of me to not have spent any quality time with myself giver the state of global affairs. It’s surprising to me how disconnected I was while being connected at the same time – being around a lot of people, but never fully present in conversations – always making plans to sleep and eat better, but constantly running around without a break in sight.


I’ve learned that getting what you want and manifesting big things is simply based on how you feel in the present moment and completely succumbing to the joy in it. Trust, there are bad days too, but I just allow myself to fully feel those emotions so I can continue to find hope and joy in what’s to the come. I think right now for many of us, the future is uncertain in so many ways, but it’s kind of thrilling, don’t you think? Heading off into the unknown is adventurous and I’m working to completely surrender to that process. I’m confident that the good and bad will only lead to the greatest result and I am okay with it. ✨

In the past, I have ONLY planned based on actions and tasks I’d like to complete to get me to my end goal. Now, I am focusing more on pairing those actions and steps with emotions I want to feel too; because feeling is believing – and if I focus on the joy and love I want to experience in all I want to see and do, only the best will come of it. ✨

Less control, less stress. ✨
More surrender, more happiness. ✨
It’s time to forge ahead and FEEL great about it.

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