Vivek Shraya On Revealing Truth in Art & Her Journey of Gender Transition

Vivek Shraya’s work has always inspired me. Deeply rooted in her experience with negotiating identity, sexuality and being South Asian – her work has always sparked debate and encouraged us all to have uncomfortable, but healthy conversations.

[blockquote_sty ver=”1″ border_size=”4px” color=”#0F0F0F”]Right from the first book I read of hers “God Loves Hair” to her most recent “Even This Page Is White” and all the songs, poems and short films in between, Vivek is an inspirational force to reckon with.[/blockquote_sty]

In this interview, Vivek opens up about her experience of transition, putting away her gender identity as a man in the past, and openly and beautifully accepting her newfound identity as a woman. This interview is a though provoking piece that helps you discover Vivek’s beautiful journey of rediscovery and acceptance and everything that goes with it.

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